Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Eight Vital Roles

Builder. Builders are great motivators, always pushing you toward the finish line. They continually invest in your development and genuinely want you to succeed – even if it means they have to go out on a limb for you. Great builders will not compete with you. They figure out how their talents can complement yours. If you need a catalyst for your personal or professional growth, stay close to a Builder.

Champion. Champions stand up for you and what you believe in. They are the friends who sing your praises. Every day, this makes a difference in your life. When you succeed, they are proud of you, and they share it with others. Champions thrive on your accomplishments and happiness. When you need someone to promote your cause, look to a Champion.

Collaborator. A collaborator is a friend with similar interests – the basis for many great friendships. When you talk with a collaborator, you’re on familiar ground, and this can serve as the foundation for a lasting relationship. Looking for someone who can relate to your passions? Find a collaborator.

Companion. A companion is always there for you, whatever the circumstances. You share a bond that is virtually unbreakable. When something big happens in your life – good or bad – this is one of the first people you call. They are the friends for whom you might literally put your life on the line. If you are looking for a friendship that can last a lifetime, look no further than a Companion.

Connector. A connector is a bridge builder who helps you get what you want. When you need Boldsomething – a job, a doctor, a friend, or a date – a Connector points you in the right direction. They seem to “know everyone.” If you need to get out more or simply want to widen your circle of friends or business associates, a Connector can help.

Energizer. Energizers are your “fun friends” who always give you a boost. You have more positive moments when you are with these friends. Energizers are quick to pick you up when you’re down – and can make a good day great. When you are around these friends, you smile a lot more. You are more likely to laugh in the presence of an Energizer. If you want to relax and have a good time or need to get out of a rut, call an Energizer.

Mind Openers. Mind openers are the friends who expand your horizons and encourage you to embrace new ideas, opportunities, cultures, and people. These friends broaden your perspective on life and make you a better person. If you need to challenge the conventional wisdom or shake up the status quo, spend a few hours talking with a Mind Opener.

Navigator. Navigators are the friends who give you advice and keep you headed in the right direction. You go to them when you need guidance, and they talk through the pros and cons with you until you find an answer. They are the ideal friends to share your goals and dreams with; when you do, you will continue to learn and grow. When you ask Navigators for direction, they help you reach your destination.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dealing With People You Can't Stand

How to bring out the best in people at their worst!

It may be a boss who behaves like a bully and petty tyrant, and has the power to get away with it…

It may be a co-worker who promises results, but who never, ever delivers when the chips are down…

At best, when people act like this, they can make life exceedingly stressful and unpleasant. At worst, they can keep you from achieving important goals. The good news is that you don’t have to let them do either! Whether you know it or not, it’s fully within your power to bring out the best behaviour in people who are at their worst.

Sound impossible? It’s not. Just ask the 250,000 people who have already benefited from Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner’s proven, innovative seminars on dealing with difficult people with tact and skill. They have already learned, as you will when you study this one-of-a-kind guide, how to identify 10 recognizable difficult behaviors, and deal successfully with each of them!

This book will let you discover how difficult people think, what they fear, and why they act as they do.

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